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24 May 2007 @ 06:00 pm
Bellerophon falling : teaser  
Season 3.5: Episode 1

Bellerophon falling


The nights in Atlantis were almost always quiet.

Elizabeth had never seen the necessity in sending teams out at all hours of the day, unless there was an emergency and it was unavoidable. No one had ever questioned her decision and

for the first time in the three years he had spent within the city, Rodney found himself actually appreciating it.

Rubbing his forehead warily Rodney McKay glared at his empty coffee cup, cursing his fellow scientists, wondering how was it that even now they couldn’t go a single day without doing

something wrong. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the desktop, waiting for the last of his adjustments to take effect. He needed sleep, badly, but he couldn’t leave until these last

few things were done. It wasn’t that they had to be done at the precise moment, it was just that he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep until they had been, because then he didn’t have

to worry. If anything bad happened while he was asleep, it wouldn’t be his fault.

He grunted softly in satisfaction as the system finished the update, running one final check before shutting his data pad down and tucking it under his arm as he stood, casting a final

glance around before heading towards his quarters and his waiting bed.


Brown hair caught in the wind as the Atlantis team’s newest member stood out on the balcony, gazing out at the darkened city.

She was still struggling to deal with everything that had happened, to find some kind of meaning behind it all, but eventually, she promised herself, she would get there and until then,

she would take advantage of her situation.

She had dreamed of this city, of Atlantis, for years now, but even as she stood staring out at the city, laid out before her in all its glory, she could hardly believe that it was real. That

she was standing within the ancient walls.

And this time she could actually take in all in. She could take a moment to just enjoy it all.

A tiny smile touched her lips as she closed her eyes, tilting her head back, welcoming the feel of the wind on her skin and the taste of the salt air on her lips.


Elizabeth Weir sighed heavily leaning back in her chair, staring at the blinking cursor on the screen in front of her. Of all the reports she had had to write during her time in the Pegasus

galaxy, she hadn’t ever expected this one to be the hardest. Then again, she’d never expected to have anything like this to report.

The first few letters she’d written to the families of he fallen members of her team had been hard, but in the end the words had come easily, she’d known what to write, because she

knew why they had died. She knew that they had been doing their jobs, giving their all. There was a meaning beneath it all. This time however, she wasn’t so sure.

Rubbing her forehead with one hand she frowned. It seemed wrong somehow, that good news was harder to write than bad. That death was easier to deal with than life. But then,

she’s sure she can remember a number of famous quotes that had alluded to something along those lines.

Standing Elizabeth rounded her desk carefully, moving to stand in front of the glass, crossing her arms over her stomach as she gazed down at the now silent Stargate, smiling idly to

herself. It was funny how the layout somehow echoed that of Stargate Command, through really, she supposed it was the other way around. Atlantis had, after all, been built first.

part one
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