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30 March 2007 @ 06:19 pm

This is your friendly neighbourhood moderator with some news for you all. The opening episode of this sg_pegasus, Bellerophon Falling, is now planned to be posted in May. The teaser will be posted at 6pm (18:00) UK time on Thursday the 24th with the main episode following on Friday the 25th at 6pm (18:00) UK time. I've complied a list of a few places round the US and

Canada (as I think that's where most people live and post from, sorry if I'm wrong and I've missed off your country, just leave me a comment and I'll add your country in) as well as Australia and the corresponding time for the post there.

New York - 1pm (13:00)
Los Angeles - 10am (10:00)
Denver - 11am (11:00)
Orlando - 1pm (13:00)
Dallas - 12pm (12:00)

Ottawa - 1pm (13:00)
Calgary - 11am (11:00)
Vancouver - 10am (10:00)
Halifax - 2pm (14:00)
St. Johns - 2.30pm (14:30)

Canberra - 3am (03:00) 25/05/2007

If you want to find out the time of our posts for the upcoming episodes, then check out this site: http://www.timeanddate.com/ as that's where I've got the above times from.

I'll be looking forward to reading your reactions to our take on the last part of season 3 of Stargate: Atlantis and beyond :)

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