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04 June 2007 @ 06:22 pm
Bellerophon falling part 1  
Season 3.5: Episode 1

Bellerophon falling

part one.

It was at times like this that she wished she wasn’t the one in command.

Sighing, Elizabeth Weir cast a final glance through the report, desperately wishing that she could believe, just for one moment, that they hadn’t missed anything. That there wasn’t anything left to come and bite them in the ass. But the truth was, how could they ever really be sure. So much of the technology they had found so far hadn’t come with an instruction manual attached. All they could really do was make educated guesses and hope they were right.

Rubbing her forehead warily, Elizabeth idly wondered if maybe, she should consider assigning someone to watch the two men and make sure that she was kept in the loop more often. It would most likely make her life, and Carson’s, a lot easier, but at the same time it would just make people start to think that she didn’t trust them. Which wasn’t true, not at all. She just wished that sometimes, they would act a little less like children when ancient technology was involved.

It had been a close one, she knew, and all she could do was be thankful that they had visited the planet when they had. She really didn’t want to think about what would have happened otherwise, or how it would have affected them. It was hard enough dealing with what everyone else seemed to be throwing at them without dealing with disasters they had caused themselves; but they had been lucky. They had caught it just in time and managed to reverse most of the damage; though she had no doubt that there would be some problems as a result of what had happened.

In time she hoped they would be either forgiven or forgotten and that they would all be able to live their lives as they had before their accidental interference.

Glancing at her watch she hurriedly sent off her thank you note to Radek, knowing that he had gone to a lot of effort to make sure the review was as thorough as possible and deserved to know that it had been appreciated. She would have done more to show her appreciation, but Colonel Caldwell had made it quiet clear how he felt about her gifts to her subordinates. It was true that the space on the Daedalus could be used for more important things, but sometimes she wondered about some of the things that were classed as more important. After all, she highly doubted that there was any great need for pencil sharpeners and paper clips.

Closing down the files she set her laptop to standby, quickly checking that the password screen came up as it was supposed to, before standing and making her way across to the control room, just in time for the scheduled return of John’s team.


“It’s Colonel Sheppard’s IDC ma’am.” Elizabeth couldn’t help but smile as Chuck turned slightly in his chair, meeting her gaze as he waited for her to give the order.
“Lower the shield sergeant.” She nodded her thanks, glancing back towards the Stargate, watching as the shield vanished, before turning and leaving the room, heading for the stairs down to the gateroom.

She had made it a rule to always meet her teams when they returned, just as she was always in the control room when they left. It was a small thing, but it was something that she had decided on during her days at the SGC. She needed to know what was happening, to show that she cared enough about them to see them off, to make sure that they came home safe. Needed them to know that she appreciated what they were doing.

“Have I mentioned how much I hate plants?” Rodney McKay’s voice rang out, announcing his arrival, just as Elizabeth reached the base of the stairs.

“Many times.” Teyla Emmagan grimaced, watching her team mate struggle with one of his boots for a moment before turning to offer Elizabeth a weak smile, eyes twinkling as Elizabeth returned the smile, nodding to the other woman. Casting one last glance in Rodney’s direction Elizabeth turned her attention to John Sheppard, one eyebrow raised.

“How did it go?”

John smirked, bouncing lightly on his heels, eyes sparkling. “Well the planet was uninhabited, just like we expected, no sign of any activity, human, wraith or otherwise. Didn’t look like there ever had been either. Or at least not within the vicinity of the ‘gate.”

“It was boring.” Ronon Dex intoned from his position a few metres to Rodney’s right, arms crossed over his chest as he watched the smaller man struggle with his clothing, face expressionless.

“Like Ronon says, it was boring, until we, or should I say Rodney, found this plant…” John’s smirk widened impossibly as Rodney uttered a series of curses, glaring at the Colonel’s back.

Elizabeth smiled despite herself, arching an eyebrow. “A plant?”

John nodded. “Yeah. For the most part, all of the vegetation is pretty much the same as everywhere else, but there’s this one plant, reaches to about my knee…” John broke off as a sudden flash of light filled the room, momentarily blinding them all.


John automatically reached for his gun, thumbing off the safety as he searched the room, unable to waste time waiting for the black dots swimming across his vision to clear. He needed to be ready, just in case whatever had just happened had been caused by an enemy rather than one of Atlantis’s pet scientists.

He moved closer to Elizabeth as he searched, aware of Teyla doing the same, while Ronon and the security detail moved around the room, searching for any sign of an intruder. He glanced up at the control room to reassure himself that the Sergeant was calling in more troops, before shifting his attention to Rodney, knowing all too well, that that was where he would find his intruder.

It was the silence. Rodney was one of those people who never stopped talking, especially not when he was given a chance to complain about his fellow scientists. Rodney only stopped talking when he was terrified, or shocked, though the latter was very rare these days. But at the same time, John wished that, just this once, he could have been wrong.

Rodney was stood, frozen in place, a few metres away from the Stargate facing the control room, one green tinted boot clutched in his hand as he stared wide eyed at the form on the floor at his feet. A form which, to John, didn’t look especially threatening. Through he would be quite willing to be proved wrong under the circumstances, even if it meant having to push McKay out of the way to kill the intruder.

Mostly due to the fact that what he was seeing was a human woman. A very naked human woman.

John blinked and frowned, before throwing a questioning glance in Ronon’s direction. “Is it just me, or is there…”

“A naked woman on the floor?

John hesitated, wincing slightly at the other man’s bluntness. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He lowered his weapon slightly, letting Elizabeth move a little closer, keeping his gaze fixed on the still form on the floor, watching for any sign of movement. He stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm before she got too close, knowing that it was better to err on the side of caution, relieved when she nodded her understanding. Despite what his instincts were telling him, he couldn’t let his guard down; after all, appearances could be deceiving. Though he really didn’t want to think about the places that their guest could possibly be concealing a weapon.

Teyla edged around to his left, even as the security detail took up positions around Rodney and the woman, weapons ready, prepared for whatever came next. Ronon, like John himself, had lowered his weapon slightly while retaining his focus on their guest.

A soft groan escaped the woman a moment later and she shifted slightly, making a weak attempt to turn onto her back, which, much to John’s relief, failed. He really didn’t think that, whether she turned out to be friend or foe, would have been a good thing, through he knew of a few marines who would have got a little too much enjoyment out of it.

John shifted position, circling Rodney in order to get a look at the woman’s face, ignoring the irritated mutter from the guard he displaced and mentally noting the man’s name for later. He was sure Teyla, Cadman, or even Ronon would enjoy spending a little time in the gym with the man later. For now through, John focused his attention on the woman, putting that idea aside for later.

The woman shifted again slightly shivering, a frown forming on her face a moment before she opened her eyes, blinking slowly. Her gaze tracked around the room for a moment, not really focusing before she seemed to become aware of Rodney. Looking up her frown deepened and she coughed slightly, licking her lips. “McKay?” Her voice was rough, but all the same the word carried in the silence, drawing a soft exclamation of surprise from McKay before she passed out, a stunned silence filling the room only to be broken moments later by the arrival of a secondary group of SFs and a small medical team.


Elizabeth watched silently as the medical team wheeled the gurney, and the new arrival, away, followed closely by the security team who had been assigned guard duty. She hesitated, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before making her way up the stairs, knowing that John and the others would be waiting for her in the conference room above.

As much as she hated to admit it, even to herself, she wasn’t especially surprised by this latest turn of events. Naked women appearing in flashes of bright light somehow paled in comparison to evil life-sucking aliens. Nevertheless, she would welcome an explanation, even if it was one she didn’t really understand and provided it didn’t involve Rodney having suddenly gained super powers, again.

She stepped into the room, making her way to her chair and settling herself into, taking a deep breath and letting it go slowly before finally looking up at the small group seated across from her. Her gaze finally settled on Carson Beckett, her head of medicine and the only one present who hadn’t been in the gateroom when their guest had arrived. “How much do you know about what happened?”

“I know that a lady appeared in the embarkation room at Rodney’s feet, in a flash of light. I also know that she appears to be human, though I wouldn’t say that for certain until I’ve done some tests.” The Scot answered calmly, meeting Elizabeth’s gaze easily.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, leaning forward. “You think it’s possible that she’s not human?”

Carson shrugged. “After everything we’ve seen, and considering the circumstances of her arrival, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was an ancient. Through I have to admit, her location makes be question it slightly.” He smiled slightly, eyes glittering. Elizabeth bit her lip, nodding her understanding as she fought the urge to laugh, even as Ronon and Teyla exchanged amused looks before glancing at Sheppard, who shifted slightly in his chair.

“John, you’re the one with the most experience with the ancients. Do you think it’s possible that our guest is one of them?” Elizabeth turned in her seat slightly, eyebrows raised, barely managing to keep a straight face as John’s ears turned pink and he shifted in his seat.

“Well, it’s a theory I guess, through, the naked thing is, different. Most of the time, at least in my experience, they tend to be fully clothed.” John shrugged. “Then again, this doesn’t seem like something the Wraith or the Asurans would do either. I mean, neither of them, from what we’ve seen at least, have beaming technology. So, unless we’re dealing with something new, it’s more likely that she’s an ancient. Through, why she would choose to appear naked at Rodney’s feet, I have no idea.”

“Hey!” Rodney’s head snapped up from his examination of the table and he glared at the man next to him, opening his mouth to say something else before he stopped. He leant back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest, as his expression turned smug. “Oh no, I get it, you’re jealous.”

John snorted, raising an eyebrow. “Why would I be jealous of you McKay?”

Rodney’s grin widened as he made a vaguely dismissive gesture. “Because the hot naked woman appeared at my feet, not yours.”

“As I remember it, Meredith, you just stood there looking like someone had just hit you around the face with a wet mackerel.” John crossed his arms over his chest, ignoring the odd look that Carson gave him.

“Jealous.” Rodney singsonged, blithely shaking off the jibe.

“If we could get back on topic please gentleman.” Elizabeth interrupted as John opened his mouth to response, wondering for the hundredth time why two of the most valuable members of her team where the ones that were always acting like children.

“Sorry.” John threw her a slightly apologetic look, while Rodney cleared his throat, returning his attention to the table. Elizabeth sighed nodding, knowing from experience that it was the best that she was going to get from them.


“I have never witnessed anything like it, nor do I know of any people capable of doing such a thing.” The Athosian woman hesitated a moment before continuing, glancing at Ronon. “Nor do I sense the presence of the Wraith nearby and it is not like them to do a thing such as this.”

“If it was the Wraith they would want us to know it was them.” Ronon added, resting his arms on the table in front of him, meeting Elizabeth’s gaze.

Elizabeth nodded taking a deep breath. “So we’re agreed that it’s most likely not the Wraith and it doesn’t seem very likely that it was the Asurans. The only other possibly that I can think of is something like Asguard beaming technology.”

Rodney shook his head. “From what I know about that technology, I doubt it, plus the closest ship with it is the Daedalus, so unless the good Colonel is playing a practical joke on us, it’s very unlikely.”

“That we know of.”

“What?” Rodney blinked staring at John.

“Ships.” John sat forward in his chair. “The Asguard have shields right, so who’s to say that they aren’t the ones responsible. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve messed with us.”

Rodney waved a hand dismissively shaking his head. “That was one rogue Asguard who was experimenting on people on Earth, and it should be noted that he did it in a way that effectively kept his activities hidden. This is way too obvious. Plus, they’re our allies and from what I’ve experiences, they really don’t have a sense of humour.”

John winced faintly. “At least Hermoid doesn’t seem to, and I still don’t get the naked thing.”

Rodney glared at John, before turning back to Elizabeth. “Unless the Asguard have changed their beaming technology, there is no way that they’re responsible.”

“It’s something to consider.” Elizabeth took a deep breath, taking a moment to think before continuing. “I can think of one situation where, well two I guess, where an ascended being has, descended in a similar way.”

“Of course, Doctor Jackson, I remember reading the reports, through from what I remember the first time at least, it was as punishment.” Carson ventured, meeting Elizabeth’s gaze. “Do you think it’s possible that we’re dealing with a similar situation?”

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, before nodding. “It’s possible, but there’s no way to be sure, at least not until our guest wakes up. And I’m guessing there wasn’t anything on the planet that might explain this?”

John shook his head. “Like I said, the only interesting thing on that planet was that plant. Plus the ‘gate shut down at least five minutes before our guest arrived.”

Elizabeth smiled nodding. “Just making sure that we’ve considered everything. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the tests say, or our guest wakes up. Until then however, I think we should be prepared for the worst, just in case.”

“I’ll get Lorne to assign a security team to watch her at all times, just in case.”

She smiled her thanks, before turning to Carson, “You’ll let me know when you get your results?”

He nodded. “Aye, it’ll be a good few hours at least though I’m afraid.”

“One last thing, did anyone else think she seemed familiar?” Rodney looked around the room, ignoring the look that John threw him.

Elizabeth raised any eyebrow leaning forward slightly, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, “Well Rodney, she did seem to know you.”

“Yes, well...” Rodney coloured slightly, clearing his throat and ducking his head.

“Or she can read minds, after all, all the ancients I’ve met, at least the ascended ones, have had some super power or other. Maybe that’s hers.” John interrupted, waving a hand vaguely. “There would have been plenty of people thinking about how she was in front of McKay. Besides, if she really knew Rodney, she would have called him Rodney, or Doctor McKay, not just McKay.”

Elizabeth pursed her lips slightly, exchanging a look with Teyla, before nodding slowly. “If that’s true, we are going to have to be very careful.”

“Aye, but at least we know there are ways of detecting those abilities.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Thankfully the SGC haven’t asked for the equipment back since we resolved Rodney’s, situation. Well, unless there’s anything else that any of you feel needs to be discussed,” she waited a moment, eyebrows raised as her gaze moved over each of them in turn , waiting for any of them to offer anything else, before continuing. “Okay then, well I’m sure you all have work to do.” She nodded her thanks, standing slowly. She straightened up and turned to go, only to still instantly as the lights flickered then died, leaving them in darkness.

“Oh isn’t this just perfect.” Rodney’s voice echoed in the dark and she found herself silently agreeing with him. They really didn’t need this.


“Rodney!?” John’s voice rang out from one side of the room, carrying with it an unspoken threat.

“Whoa, hey, I’ve been with you for the whole of the last 14 hours, this,” Rodney gestured futilely in the darkness, “has absolutely nothing to do with me. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all Zelenka’s doing.”

“Of course, it’s all Zelenka’s fault, lets all ignore the fact that the last time this happened it was you.” John’s voice rose and Elizabeth winced, closing her eyes and ducking her head, mentally willing the lights to come back on.

“Huh, you mean when I was vastly improving the city’s power system?” Rodney scoffed.

“Or perhaps it is connected to our, guest.” Teyla’s calm voice interrupted and the two men fell silent.

“If it is, then we have an even bigger problem then we thought.” Elizabeth sighed, rubbing her forehead warily.

“Somebody check the door.” Rodney’s voice held a tinge of panic as he spoke, his gesturing invisible in the darkness.


“Because if the power has only been shut off to the lights, we should be able to leave, if the power is out completely? We’re stuck in here.”

A moment later there was a soft thud, followed by a muttered curse. “Oh yeah, that door’s not opening.” John winced flexing his hand carefully.

“Are you alright colonel?” Carson asked concerned, managing to forget his own fear for a moment.

“I feel a little stupid, but otherwise I’m just fine.” John sighed, glaring at the direction of the sealed doors. “So, Rodney, I don’t suppose you have any ideas about how to get us out of here?”

Rodney scoffed, not even bothering to attempt a glare. “Unless one of you has a crowbar hidden on your person, no I don’t.”


“The door controls are hidden somewhere in the wall, we have no light and I have no tools, just how exactly are you expecting me to get the door open? I hate to disappoint you colonel, but I don’t have magical super powers.”

“At least not anymore, thank god.” John muttered under his breath, ignoring the noise of protest from Rodney.

“They weren’t magical….whoa, hang on, we do have these!” Rodney grinned, pointed at his ear piece, forgetting for a moment that the others couldn’t see him. He hesitated for a moment, exasperated, before it dawning on him. “Our radios.”

John grinned snapping his fingers. “Yes we do.”

Elizabeth smiled, lifting a hand to activate her head set. “Doctor Zelenka, can you hear me?” She smiled as she received a confused reply from the Czech scientist. “Well actually, we seem to have a problem up here.”

“What she means is we have no power.” Rodney interjected, scowling as he listened to the other man’s reply. “Yes, yes I know…” He cut off as the room suddenly lit up, the door startling Sheppard as he opened, focusing him to move to one side. “Yes Radek, I’m still here. The power just came back on.” He sighed, rolling his eyes as the other man spoke, turning his back on the room. “I wouldn’t have said that the power was back on if it hadn’t been off now would I?”

The others all exchanged looks as Rodney continued his tirade, gesturing irritably as he argued with Zelenka over the radio. Shaking her head slowly Elizabeth turned to her attention to the remaining members of her staff. “If this did have something to do with our guest, I think you’ll agree with me that we’re going to have to be very careful.”

“We’ll keep an eye out for anything suspicious and we’ll let you know if we come up with any new information that might help explain all of this.” John supplied.

“Good.” Elizabeth smiled, dropping her gaze to her hands for a moment before raising her head again. “Carson, I expect you’ll be wanting to get back to the infirmary?”

The Scot nodded, smiling faintly. “And our guest.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Keep me informed.”

“I will.” He nodded his goodbyes quickly, throwing one last glance in Rodney’s direction before heading back to his post.

“I’d best see to those extra guards.” John gestured vaguely, nodding quickly to Elizabeth and the others before leaving himself.

“We have stuff to do.” Ronon provided with a vaguely smug look before following John out of the room.

“Good luck, I,” Teyla hesitated, glancing at Rodney for a moment before continuing, “believe you will need it.” She offered Elizabeth a sympathetic smile, patting her arm gently before hurrying to catch up with Ronon.

“He cut me off!” Elizabeth crossed her arms over her stomach, as she turned to face Rodney as he crossed the room to join her, ear piece in hand.


“Zelenka, he, never mind.” Rodney waved a hand dismissively, ducking his head frowning as he considered something.

Elizabeth sighed, shifting her stance slightly. “Rodney.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking.”


“I’m going to need to look at…” Rodney trailed off, not answering her as he spun on his heel and headed for the consol room. Elizabeth sighed, mentally giving her self a moment before following.


“Oh this is just great.” Rodney glared at the consol in front of him, “according to this, the tower was the only part of the city affected, which means that this is much more complicated than it should be.”

Elizabeth’s eyebrows rose as she took a step closer, peering over his shoulder at the screen. “How so?”

Rodney sighed, waving a hand at the consol. “Basically, the blackout? Not caused by one of the generators failing, nor was it caused by a glitch in the system that links the ZPM to the city power grid.” Rodney turned meeting Elizabeth’s gaze before continuing, “Also, it should be noted that according to these systems, it didn’t happen.”

Elizabeth blinked, glancing at the consol frowning. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Rodney snorted, giving her an exasperated look, before sighing and rolling his eyes. “Look whatever it is that went wrong, even with my brilliant intellect it’s going to take more than five minutes to figure out, especially when it apparently didn’t happen.”

“And I’m sure it will go a lot faster if you also had help.” Elizabeth interrupted, offering him a tight smile in return for his glare as she turned away, activated her ear piece. “Doctor Zelenka could you come up to the control room please, Rodney could do with your help.” Her smile widened as she listened to the Czech’s reply before she nodded. “Thank you Radek.” She glanced back at Rodney for a moment, watching as he bent over his data pad, muttering under his breath, before taking a deep breath and heading back towards her office.

This she promised herself, was the last time that she labelled a day as easy before it was actually over.

part 2
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