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04 June 2007 @ 06:43 pm
Bellerophon falling part 3  
Season 3.5: Episode 1

Bellerophon falling

part three.


Rodney sighed, not looking away from the computer screen, “Yes?”

“Have you found anything yet?” John crossed the room, peering over Rodney’s shoulder at the screen.

Rodney stiffened, hesitating for a moment before answering, “We’ve found a few little things, but nothing to explain the blackouts, at least not yet.”

John frowned, straightening, “I was hoping for a different answer.”

Rodney rolled his eyes, finally turning to look at the other man, “I am so sorry to disappoint you.” Rodney frowned, staring at the other man, “Why?”

John blinked, jerking his gaze away from the screen, “What?”

Rodney released an exasperated sigh, making a rolling motion with his hand, “Why were you hoping for a different answer? Has Carson found something?”

John shifted awkwardly, gaze drifting to a point a few centimetres to the left of Rodney’s head, “Kinda.”

Rodney’s eyebrows shot up, “Kind of?”

John hesitated considering for a moment before speaking, “Is there any way that the Genii could be responsible for this?”

Rodney blinked, “Wha…the Genii? How is that answering my question?”


Rodney sighed, hands dropping to his lap, “No, there is no possible way that the Genii could be responsible for this.”

“You sure?”

“Am I sure?” Rodney glared at John, “Of course I’m sure. The Genii are no where near advanced enough to be capable of something like this. They may have some technology that might create a similar effect, but none that we wouldn’t have been able to detect by now.”

John sighed, gaze dropping to the floor as he nodded his understanding, trying to think of some other explanation for what Carson had found. “Damn.”

“Now tell me why you asked.” Rodney demanded.

“Our guest has a scar, from a gun shot wound.”

Rodney snorted. “What kind?”

“What does it matter?”

“Because, the Genii weapons are much cruder than our own and their medical facilities are laughable. If she was shot by a Genii weapon the resulting wound would look very different to the kinds of wounds you’re used to seeing. On the other hand, you have the possibility that she was shot by one of us, but as we know none of our doctors treated her, again the resulting scar at least, would be different.” Rodney gestured with his hands as he spoke, crossing his arms across his chest and treating John with a smug look as he finished, waiting for John to respond.

“Okay well, admittedly neither Elizabeth nor myself thought to ask, through from what Carson said, it sounds like it looks like the kind of scar we’d expect to see.” John admitted, wincing slightly.

“So, not Genii.” Rodney supplied, grinning.

John glared. “Could you not say it like it’s such a good thing? That was the one lead that we thought we might have.”

Rodney shrugged, “Despite the fact that the Genii as a whole aren’t our enemies anymore?”

John made a face. “It’s easy to forget.”

“It is.” Rodney agreed, nodding before glancing back towards the computer screen. “And for what it’s worth? I can’t think of anyone, except maybe the ancients themselves, who we’ve met, who could be responsible for what’s happened, the girl’s appearance or the blackouts.”

“Yeah but someone’s got to be.”

Rodney hesitated, screwing up his face slightly, “Not necessarily.”

“So what, our guest just mysteriously appeared then one of the city’s systems started causing these blackouts?” John questioned, giving the other man a sceptical look.

“I meant, it doesn’t have to be someone we know.”

John groaned softly, “Thank you so much for that lovely thought Rodney.”

Rodney shrugged, turning back to the computer, muttering about stupid questions. John rolled his eyes but remained silent for a few minutes, just watching Rodney work.

“So, you guys still haven’t found anything?”

Rodney sighed, hand stilling over the keyboard for a moment. “Nothing helpful, yet.”

John nodded slowly. “Well, I guess I’d best…”

“Leave me to work in peace?” Rodney threw over his shoulder.

John frowned. “Yeah, that.”


Lorne stretched his legs carefully, shifting his grip on his P-90, idly running through all of the reasons why he hated guard duty in his head. Especially when all you did was spend hours of your time standing in one place, waiting for something to happen.

Night watches on missions were never that bad, you could spend the majority of your time by the campfire then, doing a lap of the camp every so often, just to make sure.
Glancing across the room, he offered his partner, Captain Hobson, a smile and a nod, before turning his attention back to their guest, who had yet to return to the land of the consciousness since Beckett had sedated her almost three hours previously.

He sighed, frowning as he stared at her face for a moment. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he had met her somewhere before, or at least seen her before. “You know, I could swear I’ve met her before.”

Hobson snorted, “You know I’ve had that feeling around a few girls myself.”

Lorne opened his mouth to reply, closing it again as their guest beat him to it, “I’d put that down to wishful thinking if I was you.”

Hobson paled, taking a step back, hands tightening around his gun, stunned gaze fixed on their guest, as she shifted in the bed, glaring at him. Lorne automatically jogged over to the door, leaned out and motioned to the nurse on duty to fetch Beckett before turning and approaching the bed. He kept one hand on his gun, but remembering Beckett’s instructions he was careful not to look threatening, offering the woman a reassuring smile as she turned her head to look at him, pushing her hair out of her face hesitantly.

Her eyes narrowed as she studied his face before she smiled faintly, “Evan Lorne.” She tilted her head to one side, challenging him with his eyes as he stopped abruptly less than a metre from the bed, staring at her in disbelief. In all of his time in Atlantis he had only been called by his first name three times, mostly due to the fact that from what he could tell no one knew his name and yet their guest seemed quite sure of it.

But then, she had seemed familiar. Frowning he took a step closer, meeting the woman’s gaze solidly. “Do I know you?”

She coloured faintly, ducking her head as she shifted uncomfortably, examining her hands for a moment before looking up again and shrugging idly, offering him a bitter smile as she nodded. “You did.”

Lorne hesitated for a moment, “How?”

“Work.” She answered succinctly, before making a face, “About, three and a half years ago.”

Lorne’s eyebrows shot up and he laughed softly shaking his head, “I think I’d remember that.”

“You’d think.” She agreed smiling for a moment before ducking her head, expression turning serious again, “P3X-403.”

Lorne froze, mouth opening and closing a few times before he gave up, just shaking his head mutely in response. Taking another step forward he reached out, only to halt his movement and spin around as the door behind him opened, a guilty look crossing his face as he meet Beckett’s gaze.


“I still say we’re wasting our time.” Ronon growled, kicking idly at one of the abandoned pieces of equipment that was partially blocking the corridor.

Teyla sighed, glaring at his back before ducking into the empty room on their left for a moment, before rejoining him in the corridor, “You do not think that it wise to make sure that the city is secure?”

“You said that you couldn’t sense any Wraith.”

“The Wraith are not Atlantis’ only enemies.” She reminded him.

“They’re the only ones that have ever managed to get into the city unnoticed.”

“That is true, but I would rather be certain that we are alone in Atlantis, especially after what occurred upon our return.” Teyla answered, “I also believe it wise that we check for any signs that more of these ‘blackouts’ may have occurred.”

“How do we do that here?” Ronon questioned, indicating the abandoned corridor with a sweep of his arm, eyebrows raised.

“Rodney suggested that some of the equipment previously inactive may become active once more following a ‘blackout’.” Teyla provided as she used her boot to turn one of the smaller objects littering the floor onto its side, examining for a moment before continuing on.

“What equipment?” Ronon threw her a sceptical glance and she smiled despite herself, shaking her head faintly in return.

“He was not especially forthcoming in that regard.”

Ronon snorted, “He never is.”

She inclined her head in agreement, before stopping as the lights flickered for a moment in a manner that was fast becoming familiar. She sighed softly as they were plunged into darkness, quickly digging out her torch and switching it on. “Do you still believe that this was a waste of time?” She arched an eyebrow in question, grinning as Ronon turned to face her, his own torch in hand.

“Shut up.”


“John.” Elizabeth offered him a smile, waiting for him to join her before stepping into the transportation chamber.

“Elizabeth.” He returned her smile, tapping the display, “Did Carson say anything to explain why he needs to see us so urgently?”

She sighed shaking her head as they stepped out into the corridor, “No, though at a guess I’d say it has something to do with our guest.”

“Yeah, that’s what I figured.” John agreed easily, “I meet with Teyla and Ronon, apparently there was another blackout.”

“Where was it this time?”

“One of the piers, I don’t think we would have even known about it if they hadn’t been there at the time. I told Rodney and as you’d expect, he wasn’t impressed.”

Elizabeth sighed, glancing sideways at him, “I’m not surprised, it isn’t exactly the best news.”

John shrugged, “On the up side at least they’re pretty sure that none of our enemies are responsible.”

Elizabeth threw him an exasperated look, “Somehow I don’t see that as an ‘upside’.”

John grinned ruefully, “Because it means the city’s messing with us?”

Elizabeth laughed softly, shaking her head as they stepped into the infirmary, “No, because it means there’s a problem with the city’s systems, or we have a new enemy.”

“Elizabeth?” Carson stood up from his chair as they approached, exchanging a nervous look with Lorne.

“We were just discussing the blackouts.” She explained offering him a reassuring smile, as she and John reached them.

“Ah.” Carson nodded his understanding, before exchanging another look with Lorne.

Elizabeth frowned, crossing her arms over her stomach, gaze moving between the two men, “Carson?”

The doctor cleared his throat, hesitating for a moment before speaking, “Our guest is awake.”

Elizabeth exchanged a look with John as a feeling of dread filled the pit of her stomach, “That’s good.”

“Aye.” Carson nodded slowly, dropping his gaze to the floor, “She’s a lot more aware than she was the last time.”

“I’m guessing she said something?” John commented.

“Yes sir,” Lorne answered, shifting uncomfortably under his Commanding Officer’s gaze, “she told us, a few things.”

Elizabeth’s eyebrows rose, “What exactly has she said? It’s obvious that whatever it is it seems to have affected you both.”

Carson sighed heavily, crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m not quite sure how to tell you this Elizabeth, and I can’t say for sure whether she was lying or not until I get the last few test results back, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t believe me…”

“Carson, could you get to the point, please?” John interrupted.

Carson exchanged another look with Lorne, “Our guest claims to be from Earth.”

“Earth?” Elizabeth repeated, stunned.

“And there’s more.” Carson supplied.

“Okay,” John broached warily, “what else did she say?”

“Well sir, she’s claiming to be a member of the SGC, a specific member of the SGC.” Lorne winced faintly, giving Elizabeth an apologetic look, “She says she’s Doctor Jackson.”

Elizabeth stiffened, staring at Lorne in silent disbelief, before looking to Carson, willing him to correct the other man. Only he didn’t. Which meant that he had heard their guest say the same thing. She closed her eyes, shoulders sagging slightly, as she silently wished for the day to be over.


Rodney stormed into the conference room, coming to halt in front of Elizabeth just as Radek entered, giving Rodney a wide berth as he made his way to the seat on Lorne’s right. “You do realise that this is just going to mean that it will take us even longer to figure out what’s causing these blackouts, I ask because I really can’t see what would be more important than…”

“Rodney, just sit down.” John’s voice held a tone of warning as he glared at the other man, nodding meaningfully at the chair next to him.

Rodney’s eyes narrowed as he turned to glare at John for a moment before turning back to Elizabeth, “I really doubt that I need to be here…”

“Rodney,” Elizabeth’s voice was sharp as she meet his gaze steadily, eyes cold, “sit down.”

He blinked, startled before nodding abruptly and quickly making his way to his usual seat to John’s right, casting a wary glance to either side, frowning as he noticed that as well as his team and Radek, Carson and Lorne were also present both looking slightly more grim than normal. Pursing his lips he lent back in his chair, turning his attention back to Elizabeth.

“I summoned you all here due to a claim that our guest has made.” Elizabeth took a deep breath, dropping her gaze for a moment before she continued, “She claims to that she is in fact a member of the SGC, specifically Doctor Daniel Jackson.”

“She what?” Rodney spluttered, staring at Elizabeth in disbelief as Radek muttered something in Czech, shaking his head, “That’s impossible!”

Teyla exchanged a confused look with Ronon, before speaking, “I do not understand, was not Doctor Jackson among the group who came to Atlantis not long after Mr Woolsey left?”

John nodded, “He was, but apparently our guest thinks that she’s him, how exactly, I’m not sure.”

“She said that she didn’t know what had happened to make her, a her.” Lorne provided, shrugging helplessly, “But, she does know a lot of things that only Doctor Jackson would know.”

“You know Doctor Jackson well?” Teyla questioned him gently.

“We spent some time together while I was at the SGC, he even saved my life once.” Lorne answered before looking away.


“Rodney?” John frowned at the man next to him who was looking at the table and smiling faintly, his question making the other man jump.

“I said she seemed familiar.” Rodney answered, glancing at John for a moment before turning to Elizabeth, “I just realised that that’s who she reminded of.”

Elizabeth sighed, a pained look crossing her face as she exchanged to look with John before turning back to Rodney, “Under the circumstances however, it seems unlikely that she’s telling the truth.”

Rodney frowned, looking around uncertainly, “What circumstances?”

“Doctor Jackson’s dead.” Lorne’s voice was soft as he spoke, his gaze fixed on his hands, as Teyla silently reached out, squeezing his arm gently.

“What?” Rodney squeaked, eyes widening, “When?”

“Not long after we left Earth.” John stepped in quickly saving Elizabeth from having to answer, “You remember they were looking for Merlin’s weapon? Well, apparently there was this whole complicated situation which involved a trail, a dragon, the Ori and the actual Merlin. In the end they did get the weapon, but Jackson died.”

“Sam never mentioned…” Rodney shook his head leaning back in his chair, stunned.

“She lost one of her closet friends Rodney, she probably didn’t want to talk about it, least of all with you.” John pointed out, ignoring the weak glare that Rodney threw his way.

“You’re sure that he couldn’t have ascended…again?” Rodney questioned hesitantly.

“His team saw him die, they tried to reach him but in the end they had to leave his body behind.” John answered shaking his head, “The reports made it clear that there was no way he could have ascended, and there wasn’t any reason why the agents of the Ori would have revived him.”

“Why would anyone wish to make such a claim?” Teyla asked.

Elizabeth sighed, shaking her head, “Our best guess is that they want to out us off balance, the only problem is, the only people in this galaxy, besides us, who know who Doctor Jackson is, are the Ancients.”

“Why would the Ancients send someone to us who claims to be Doctor Jackson?” Radek asked, looking around frowning, “It does not seem to have a point.”

“It doesn’t have a point, at least not that we can see.” John answered. “Plus, she doesn’t have the gene, so she’s not an Ancient.” He added, leaning on one of the arms of his chair.

“There’s one way to prove she’s lying.” Rodney pointed out, throwing a meaningful look at Carson who sighed.

“Aye, but there’s still at least two hours before I get the results back, though, thankfully, I do have a sample of Doctor Jackson’s blood.”

“Why do you…never mind.” Rodney stopped himself shaking his head, ignoring the relief that crossed Elizabeth’s face. “You should probably check that she’s not a clone as well.”

“I will.” Carson threw Rodney a fondly exasperated look.

“And if she is telling the truth?” Teyla asked carefully.

“To be honest, I don’t know what will happen if that’s the case.” Elizabeth answered carefully, glancing at John, “It would be a case of contacting Earth and letting them know. In the end, I doubt we’ll have any say in what happens if that is the case.”

“Shouldn’t we contact your people now, instead of waiting?” Ronon asked, speaking for the first time since he had entered the room.

“Despite what she’s said, until there’s proof it’s better if we don’t.” Elizabeth replied, “Especially as we still don’t know what’s causing the blackouts that we’ve been experiencing since she arrived.”

“If she does have something to do with what’s caused them, it’s better that she’s here, not on Earth.” Rodney commented.

“Woolsey and that lot might not be happy that we’ve waited, but I’m sure they’ll understand in the end.” John added, throwing Elizabeth a rueful smile.

She returned the smile faintly before glancing at Radek and then Rodney, “Have either of you found anything to suggest what might be causing the blackouts since we last spoke?”

Radek shook his head regretfully, “We have gotten close to an answer on a few occasions now, but the pattern is so random…” he shrugged helplessly, “Hopefully we will find an answer soon, but we can not say anything for certain.”

“So far we’ve only found a couple of little things that might have something to do with it, but its going to take a while before we know for sure either way.” Rodney took over, “We’ve got a few people checking the work that’s been done on the system recently as well as on some of the equipment that we’ve found that seems to link into the main system.” Rodney lent forward as he spoke, gesturing with his hands, “We were going to try doing some system checks from the Chair Room, but we’re going to need to borrow either Carson or John’s help to do that through.” He threw a meaningful glance at the man next to him.

“I’ll do it,” John agreed sighing and giving Rodney a warning look, “but this time, no complaining.”

“Thank you,” Rodney raised an eyebrow turning to Elizabeth, “the sooner we get started…”

Elizabeth nodded, “Okay, but keep me appraised.” She watched silently as the three men left, before turning back to the remaining four members of her staff. “I think, considering the circumstances it would be best, while we’re waiting for the test results, if I spend some time speaking to our guest, provided she’s still awake of course.”

“There’s no reason that she shouldn’t be.” Carson supplied readily.

“And I’ll come with you.” Ronon interjected, exchanging a look with Teyla.

Elizabeth smiled, “While I doubt anything will happen, I would appreciate your presence, thank you Ronon.” She took a deep breath, smiling at Teyla and Lorne, “I’m afraid other than that all we can really do is wait and see.”

part four
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